Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy and Procedures (October,2020)


Named within this document is the ‘Client(s)’ which is those named on the Photography Contract and ‘The Photographer which relates to Emma Jackson operating as Photography by Emma Jackson.

‘Event’ or ‘Services’ relates to the booking of any Photography Service. 



Photography by Emma Jackson is taking the current Covid-19 pandemic seriously and will therefore take all precautions in line with current government legislation relating to the Health and Safety of all my customers.


Your Rights as a Consumer


Under the current Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) you are protected in regard to postponement and cancellation of your event due to Covid-19.


All efforts will be made in the first instance to arrange an alternate date suitable to the client, photographer and other venders. However, if the client is forced to cancel their event limited to:


  • National Lockdown

  • Local Lockdown

  • Lockdown due to local authority

  • Self-Isolation of the couple due to the direction of a Public Health Official/Track and Trace System.

  • Self-Isolation of the couple due to the client(s) experiencing coronavirus symptoms


The client is entitled to receive a full refund minus the 10% deposit. If paid in full at the time of booking 10% will be deducted from the refund. This 10% covers the work previously completed by the photographer to include, although not limited to: time and cost of telephone consultations, viewings of venues, construction and sending of contracts and subsequent communications. If you have paid by credit card and a fee is imposed at the Photographers expense this will also be deducted from the refund. 


The client will also receive a refund (minus deposit) if they are instructed to mandatory self-isolate due to returning from abroad. This refund will be returned as long as the couple have taken reasonable steps to avoid high risk areas and countries that are named on the quarantine lists imposed by the government at the time of travel.



  • If the client has to cancel or postpone their event due to COVID-19 they will not incur any additional penalties.



Rights of The Photographer


To protect clients and their guests the Photographer reserves the right to cancel or postpone any pre-booked photography service should it be deemed to have a high risk of transferring the Covid-19 virus. The cancellation would result in the return of payments made by the client in full minus the 10% deposit. The cancellation or postponement cannot result in the client seeking compensation from the Photographer. 


The photographer retains the right to postpone or cancel a service without recourse should at any point before or during the event risk be identified. This includes but is not limited to exceeding the current rule as of October 2020 set by the UK Government as the ‘Rule of 6’ or exceeding the number of guests permitted at a wedding. 


Should any person’s behaviour or exceedance of numbers be deemed to place others at risk the Photographer has the right to leave the event at any point and cannot result in the customer seeking compensation or refund from the Photographer. 


The Photographer cannot be held accountable for any actions relating to the spread of Covid-19, which are outside of my control. 


The Photographer cannot be held liable for any failure by venues or person(s) to practice risk reduction strategies and social distancing measures. 


The Photographer will comply with current legislation due to Covid-19.

All other refund and recourse for cancellation due to any other means not covered within this Policy can be found under the normal Terms and Conditions.