Is Wedding Photography Expensive?

For myself, photography is a passion and I get great satisfaction out of delivering photographs that will be looked at for years to come, because of this I keep my rates at a reasonable cost. I aim to provide a quality of service with bespoke packages so that they are affordable to all. I have a range of payment options including (after a 10% deposit) the final amount due 4 weeks before your event allowing time to save alternatively, you can pay up front or in instalments, this means no-one is excluded from being provided a professional service. Yes, there are many photographers who will charge a lot more or sometimes a lot less but this does not always reflect in the package, quality of photographs and service you may get. The best thing to do when choosing any photographer is to look at their portfolio, speak with them and get references so you know you have picked the right person for you whether that be myself or another company.

All of my packages include all edited photographs, there are no hidden extras. The USB is personalised with your favourite photograph and the album should you chose one is also included within the cost.

However, when it comes to the cost of a photographer it is not just their time on the day and your photographs but the editing time it takes on each and every photo. This maybe subtle changes to enhance the colour and remove objects, sometimes especially for commercial photography a photo can be dramatically changed so please see the examples below. This can take time therefore, your photographer's costing includes speaking and meeting with you, visiting your venues with (or without you) to view the best places for photographs, the time they spend on your day and the multiple hours that it takes editing. I pride myself in the service and quality I provide as above everything I love doing it so I am always happy to answer any questions or meet in person to ensure you chose the best options for yourselves.

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